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What Is IP Targeting? How Can It Help You?

November 7, 2017



The internet offers businesses and professionals with unique opportunities to advertise to customers all over the world.  For years, the industry standard method for internet advertising

has been through the use of “cookies.”  A cookie is a program file that contains information about a user and stores that information for later use.  Often times cookies are used for such mundane tasks as remembering log-in information or items added to an online shopping cart.  Today, many advertisers rely on cookies to store information on the habits of potential customers.  If John Smith visits a page, a cookie can then be used to track his behavior.  An ad is then developed and presented based on his purchasing pattern.  There are two problems with this method.  One, more than 50% of internet traffic is non-human.  This means that the John Smith visiting your page could be a bot (bots are software applications that are used to run automated tasks over the internet).  Obtaining information about these programs browsing habits and then implementing an advertising strategy is merely wasting your businesses time and resources.  The other problem with cookies is that they are specific to one electronic device.  A user visiting a site may receive a cookie that allows for advertising, but once that user switches devices the cookie is no longer able to track the user and be effective. 


29:11 has worked to develop a new and innovative method for advertising.  This people-based targeting or IP Targeting allows us to identify real people and target them across all their devices.  Whether it is a home desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, 29:11 offers clients the ability to display your message on all devices.  Our system enables clients to use in-house and online databases to obtain physical addresses of its intended customers.  This system then uses these addresses to obtain unique IP address which can target users across all devises connected to that IP address.  This ensures with 95% accuracy that when you target a user, they will see your ad across any and all devices.  With this new technology, 29:11 is able to offer several unique opportunities to better serve customer’s needs.  These include: New Movers, Lazarus Targeting, and Retargeting. 


New Movers offers the ability to target the home buying market like never before.  It has never been easier to hit potential customers with targeted ads promoting your business.  All you have to do is tell us which zip code, city, or state you would like to target and 29:11 ensures that you can reach a market full of Pre-Movers, Escrow, and Post-Movers.  Our automated system means as soon as there are changes in your area, they are fully integrated into your campaign.


Lazarus Targeting or Replay Targeting offers clients the exciting prospect of resurrecting and examining specific data from multiple locations to obtain all viable device IDs.  This can be anything from sporting events, shopping malls, and car lots, to trade shows.  Any devices able to be matched in our system can be tracked back to its home IP address.  From here, we are able to continue to target these potential customers across all connected devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones).  This technology enables us to replay data from venues all across the country up to six months prior.  

Retargeting allows 29:11 to collect IP addresses from information gained when anonymous visitors enter your company site. Our system algorithm then matches those collected IP addresses with physical home addresses.  This allows clients the ability to target anonymous customers with digital and direct mail within 48 hours of a site visit.  Using this method, we are able to double down on advertisements sent to customers.


Businesses are constantly looking for that one advantage that will give them the edge over their competition.  29:11 offers businesses and individuals that advantage they are looking for.  Welcome to 29:11 Strategies.  Welcome to the future.




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