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Welcome to the New Age of Social Media

August 3, 2017



Rules for Social Media


Be Brief.  Sites like Facebook allow people and businesses to post  vast amounts of text.  If the modern age has taught us anything though, it is that sometimes less is more.  If you are wanting to post a long story, rewrite it without all the meaningless phrases and jargon.  A Facebook post can be professional, yet still seem personal.  If you have more to convey, share it on a blog and post a link.  Short and sweet draws them in and additional content satisfies their curiosity.


Be Newsworthy.  Before social media, the only way to get your message out was to have someone do it for you.  Today, you are in the driver’s seat.  Posting new events and stories allows information dissemination to happen on your timeline.  This allows people and businesses to quickly and effectively respond to many different situations instantaneously.  


Know Your Audience.  Who are you trying to reach?  Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet.  It has the ability to keep people connected and up to date on local events.  Seeing that a local restaurant or store is hosting an event or having a sale allows families to plan their time accordingly.  Twitter and Instagram allow businesses to interact with their customers in different and exciting ways.  Clever short posts and creative pictures can spread across twitter and Instagram like wildfire.  With a little effort, knowing your audience can connect your business to the right customers.


Be Live.  Social media allows for responsive action to unplanned events.  When things go wrong, you have the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information to reassure the public and customers that things are under your control.  While social media can reach people quickly, don’t forget to have a response team to deal directly with media outlets.


Engage with Customers.  Social media is accessible to the public.  This means you will have friends, and you will have foes.  Defending your company can quickly change a negative situation into a positive one.  With all social media, it is important to engage with customers that tweet and comment on your company.  In the instantaneous world of social media, the quicker you can respond, the better.  When situations require a little more finesse, try contacting the customer privately to provide more in-depth discussions.


Be Video Proficient.  While you may not want to overload your social media with videos, it is helpful to use if professionally and appropriately presented.  Videos provide your audience with that extra dimension to keep them interested.  Revealing new products, or kicking off the start to a campaign can be a good way to incorporate video into your social media.  Probably one of the more important rules is, if you can’t do it right, you probably shouldn’t do it at all.  An ill-advised and poorly made video can do more harm than good.       

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