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August 25, 2016

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5 reasons you need a Communications Plan

July 25, 2017

The goal of business is to develop, create and sell ideas or services that improve the lives of their customers.  How to communicate your product or service should be laid out in a well-crafted, comprehensive scope of action.   You need a communications plan.


29:11 Strategies guides clients in developing a communications plan that will: 1.) Provide direction 2.) Mitigate risk 3.) Set the necessary measurements for effectiveness 4.) Support a unified strategic message 5.) Prioritize your most important resources; people, time and money.  Look at each piece individually.


Providing Direction - The increasing complexity of our world today begets a need to be deliberate in how we communicate.  Whether we are speaking with long time customers or prospecting new ones; whether we are promoting a current product or selling something new. How and what we communicate must be aligned to our overall vision.  Communication plans allow businesses, non-profits, political campaigns and others to develop a process that allows for unified direction. A communications plan ensures all members of the team are working from the same playbook.   


Mitigating Risk -  The Boy Scouts of America motto is:  Be Prepared. It is sound advice for the upbringing of young men.  It should also be a requirement for all involved in the communication of a product or service.   By taking charge early and developing a positive message, it is much easier and decidedly cheaper than having to respond to a poor public image when calamity strikes.


Measure Effectiveness - How do you measure results in communication, sales or even brand identity?  Implementing measurements at the beginning of the process will help guide your path when adjustments are needed.  High-quality communication plans have at least one measure of success.  Measuring communication results will allow you to know whether you are using your resources most effectively


Support for Strategic Message - As an organization, you have goals and a message that you want to resonate with customers or clients.  A thoughtful and well-designed communications plan will help to ensure consistency in your interactions, whether written, digital or spoken.    Additionally, communication plans support your strategic message by making sure that your stakeholders consistently understand your corporate goals.


Prioritization - The biggest benefit for developing a communications plan is the prioritization of your time, your employees' talents, and your financial resources. Most entrepreneurs, business leaders and non-profit CEO’s are pulled in a thousand different directions.  The mentality of “Just Do It” becomes a necessity to survive.   A well thought-out and implemented communications plan lays the groundwork for effectively communicating your vision, your product, and you in every interaction you have.  


29:11 Strategies can meet your communication needs by developing a communications plan specific to your organization.  Contact us today and we can work together to set the stage for improved communication.


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