If you are fortunate, there is a steady stream of customers that visit your site every day.  Why not add extra value to these anonymous visitors?  Using this system, we are able to collect these anonymous visitors IP addresses. Our system algorithm then matches those collected IP addresses with physical home addresses.  This allows clients the ability to target anonymous customers with digital and direct mail within 48 hours of a site visit.  Using this method, we are able to double down on advertisements sent to customers.


Advantages of Retargeting


Our system not only allows you to target customers that visited your site, but we are also able to offer the ability to send physical mail pieces to their home addresses.  Imagine the effectiveness of seeing an ad on one of your electronic devices and then receiving a mail piece backing that ad up.  If you choose to implement this system throughout your entire site, the level of precision with which you can target customers is unparalleled.  Through our partners, within 48-72 hours of visiting your site, that visitor can receive a personalized direct-mail piece related to what they looked at on your site.  Example: A visitor looking for black vehicles can be sent an ad displaying a black car.  We don't like to say we dabble with magic, but its pretty close.        

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