Case Studies


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) wanted the federal government to provide funding for stem cell research for juvenile diabetes.  At the time, President George W. Bush had taken a firm stance against the funding, and the outlook was grim.  29:11 was hired in Ohio to build a base of support within the President’s inner circle.  We were successful in identifying key political and community leaders to carry our message and appeal to the President.  29:11 used our vast network of contacts and connections and were successful in initiating several critical conversations with Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Secretary of Human Services Tommy Thompson, and his Chief of Staff Andy Card.  Our message campaign was so effective that President Bush dedicated an entire chapter to this issue in his memoir, Decision Points.  

Grassroots / Coalition Building

Approaching a large national election, 29:11 was hired to increase the number of registered voters in specific areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  Data from the client suggested that voters from their issue demographic were likely to support candidates on a single issue, but were less likely to be registered before the election.  29:11 was charged with locating these voters and dispelling the many myths and obstacles surrounding the registration process.  In conjunction with a larger national organization, 29:11 set up registration drives in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, targeting audiences at outdoors and hunting events.  We attended dozens of boat shows, gun shows, and hunting and fishing exhibitions in this tri-state region.  Using this core niche of strategy and data, 29:11 was successful in gathering an average of 20 new registrants and 50 contact bases at each event. 

Advocacy Training

A local group of school superintendents hired 29:11 Strategies to develop a course in advocacy training.  With several key issues in the hands of their state legislature, this group wanted a strategy to ensure that their voices were heard and taken seriously.  29:11 developed a full-day advocacy course designed to help them understand the political process, to effectively communicate their positions and to have an impact on the change they desired.  The course ranged from the basic fundamentals of political parties, the legislative process, advocacy tactics, communication processes, and appropriate follow-up techniques.  The course was well-received and lauded for its practicality and present-day application. 

Campaign Consulting

29:11 was retained to oversee a campaign for Municipal Court Judge in rural West-Central Ohio.  The two person,  non-partisan race was held to replace a retiring judge in November 2017.  29:11 developed and implemented a two-prong digital advertising campaign in conjunction with other activities including direct mail.  Our first digital campaign was utilized to increase name ID among voters.  The second was coupled with two direct mail pieces targeting all voters who had voted in the 2013 & 2015 general elections.


  • 40 point margin of VICTORY!

  • 58% IP Address Match from voter list

  • 2866 households

  • 233,000 impressions

  • 113% voter turnout among households who saw digital ads

  • 37% increase over control group.

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