Political ip Targeting

Today, nearly every political campaign uses digital advertising.  But is every digital campaign actually targeting voters? How do they know?  IP Targeting through 29:11 Strategies, answers these questions.




In a typical digital campaign, as much as 60% of digital ad impressions come from bots.   BOTS DON’T VOTE!   Successful campaigns need to influence voters, not bots.  Using patented technology, 29:11 Strategies is able to connect your message with the people who actually vote. We are able to offer these benefits at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. 


29:11 is able to target your potential voters using empirical data that results in a physical address to IP address 1:1 match with extreme precision. This process makes IP targeting a secret weapon for political campaigns.  By using a voter database and or CRM data lists, you are ensured that your political message is relevant and effective to the household you’re targeting.  29:11 technology eliminates cookies, eliminates geo-targeting and geo-fencing.  Our technology only serves ads to those voters you chose to target



Get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns in a digital space are a great way to engage with your voters.  Adding this application via IP targeting can ensure that you’re reaching specific households you know support your campaign.




With 29:11’s IP technology targeting platform, the address found in your voter database is paired with an IP address.  This allows for a creative way to send digital banner & video campaign advertisements directly into that voter’s home.




Your campaign can select specific locations that include high value voters.  For example, a tax-day rally, a convention or maybe even an event organized by your campaign.  Our system grabs the device ID’s present at that location.  From there, we map those devices back to physical addresses where IP targeting can be implemented.


Digital delivery enables your campaign to reach voters at a much higher frequency (50-90x more) than direct mail, TV, radio and print.


We help answer three of the biggest challenges in a political campaign.


1. Standing Out: Targeting with creative display and video ads.

2. Connecting: Targeting specific registered voters.

3. Reaching Voters: Targeting voters online, on all devices, throughout the day


29:11 was retained to oversee a campaign for Municipal Court Judge in rural West-Central Ohio.  The two person,  non-partisan race was held to replace a retiring judge in November 2017.


29:11 developed and implemented a two-prong digital advertising campaign in conjunction with other activities including direct mail.  


Our first digital campaign was utilized to increase name ID among voters.  The second was coupled with two direct mail pieces targeting all voters who had voted in the 2013 & 2015 general elections.



The results speak for themselves!  

  • 40 point margin of VICTORY!

  • 58% IP Address Match from voter list

  • 2866 households

  • 233,000 impressions

  • 113% voter turnout among households who saw digital ads

  • 37% increase over control group.

Above is an example of a specific advertising campaign that can be implemented to target voters on an individualistic level.  

Information gathered from voter data allows 29:11 to develop creative ads for a multitude of issues that resonate with potential voters.

Campaign Examples Include:

  • Pro-Life Movement

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Tax Issues

  • Education Issues

  • Resolving Drug Crisis

  • Get Out The Vote [GOTV]

  • Candidate Name Recognition

  • Pre-Mail Campaign (coupled with specific message from mail piece)

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