New Movers

A new house means new appliances, furniture, and accessories.  With 29:11, we offer the ability to target the home buying market like never before.  It has never been easier to hit potential customers with targeted ads promoting your business.  All you have to do is tell us which zip code, city, or state you would like to target and 29:11 ensures that you can reach a market full of Pre-Movers, Escrow, and Post-Movers.  Our automated system means as soon as there are changes in your area, they are fully integrated into your campaign.  The moment new movers hit the market you are able to target them.  This translates to targeting customers faster and with more efficiency than you ever thought possible.  




New movers are going to spend resources to make their new house feel like home.  This means actively looking for new restaurants, stores to shop, and businesses to buy from.  Getting your name out there to these customers right away can make all the difference.  With the 29:11 advantage our system updates frequently each day to give you the most accurate information available.  This gives you an advantage over your competition by allowing you to act on information immediately.  




Estimates show that almost 450,000 people are in the process of moving every week in the United States.  This offers companies a small window to broaden their customer base.  In the month leading up to a move and the month following a move, new movers are spending nearly $8,700 per household.  29:11 works with you to develop digital ads to target new movers on their home computers, tablets, and mobile devices.  All this is done with an amount of precision never seen before.   


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