Ip Targeting

29:11's IP Targeting system allows clients to precisely target IP addresses instead of a broad-based demographic.  IP targeting ensures that 95% of your advertisements are reaching real-life customers.


What makes IP Targeting better than alternative methods?  It is low cost, efficient, and remarkably precise.  It is estimated that up to 52% of traffic on the internet is bot traffic.  That means inferior cookie-based advertising methods are only likely to reach 50% of your intended audience.


Our revolutionary system is able to use physical addresses to allow for precise digital advertising to homes across the country.  What makes 29:11's work so effective is our ability to incorporate offline data into targetable IP addresses.  Companies are able to make use of voter registration lists, customer databases, Lazarus Targeting, modeled data and direct mail data to create a vast pool of prospects to target.


Henry Ford is credited with saying: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."  29:11 breaks down the old way of business and offers something new to give our customers a supreme advantage over their competition.  

Many forms of advertising can only target using the conventional online cookie method.  29:11 has looked for a better way to conduct business.  The technology of the future has smiled generously upon us.  Goodbye to the days of wasting your money advertising to non-human traffic.  Working with 29:11 offers the peace of mind knowing that when you advertise, people are going to see it.  Our precise targeting allows companies to specifically target individuals that are important to them.    

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