Understanding the Advantages of Geo-Framing

Every device that a user owns has its own unique device ID.  Here is were is becomes interesting.  By Geo-Framing a location, 29:11 is able to obtain important data from devices present.  Our system is then able to recognize device IDs present at the venue.  From these devices, we are able to recover 40-80% of home IP addresses.  With this information, 29:11 can send your targeted ads to all devices on their home network.    


  • The user has to opt-in for the system to work.

  • In order for potential customers to see your ads, they have to be in the specified area at the specified time. 

  • This system only operates in the present.  It is time sensitive.

  • Once the user leaves the venue, targeting is complete.


  • Simply requires the user to search the internet and receive an ad placement.

  • Does not require an opt-in for system to function.

  • Home IP addresses can be collected from the devices present at the venue.

  • Targeted IP ads can then be delivered to all devices on the home network.

  • Users can be targeted in real-time, or up to six months prior.  

The Advantage is Clear!​

Geo-Framing Advantage

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