Public Affairs

Communications Plan

29:11 will work in conjunction with your leadership to develop a comprehensive advocacy/communications plan allowing you to integrate all the organization’s communications, public education, and advocacy efforts. By planning a long-term strategy for your efforts, you will be positioned to be more proactive and strategic, rather than consistently reacting to the existing environment. The strategic plan will help you deploy resources more effectively and strategically by highlighting synergies and shared opportunities in your various programs and work areas.

Media Relations

  The voices that resonate the strongest are the voices of those that are directly impacted by government policy or regulation.  Through an extensive network of media contacts, 29:11 helps to bridge the gap between the voice of reason and the medium that can disseminate it to the masses.   This includes print, radio, television, and social media outreach.

Crisis Communications

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned.  29:11 is prepared to help you navigate when opposition winds are strong and storm clouds are approaching.   By working through a variety of scenarios, we can have you and your organization prepared for anything that may arise.

Presentations & Speech Writing

If you have a big speech to give or a presentation to make, you can rely on our communication expertise.  We can help you draft, edit, and prepare the speech of a lifetime—or we can simply be an extra set of ears as you prepare.  

Grant Writing

Working with grant writing professionals, 29:11 can work with you to provide you with the best possibility of securing a grant for your organization.  Additionally, we help identify grant opportunities that may exist of the local, state, and federal level.

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