Political Campaigns

Campaign Planning

Leadership takes true courage and wisdom.  Campaigns take a lot of strategy.  We have seen a lot in our days—from poor messaging to excellent target marketing. Every campaign is unique and is built upon the candidate, the region, and the office.


Let us make your race one of ethics and one of success.

Message Development

There's a lot that fills our brains these days.  We are surrounded with subliminal and subconscious stimulation—music, billboards, product placement. Our minds can't even process all that we see and hear, and these messages are often lost in the din. 


Your message is worth remembering.  29:11 can help you create a message that will stand above this white noise and be remembered when the chaos ends. 

Earned and Paid Media

There's no one industry more powerful than today's media.  They have control of what we hear and what we think.  It's important to use this industry to your advantage—to know when and how media can advance your position. 


29:11 has vast contacts, experience, and knowledge of the media stage, and can help utilize this powerful platform to your best advantage. 


When it's all said and done, money is often the bottom line.  29:11 understands this reality and is poised to put together a fundraising plan customized to your needs.  Whether it be a capital campaign for infrastructure dollars, your own state senate race, or a local charity drive for new equipment, we can devise a strategy to appeal to your base and gain financial support. 


Asking for money doesn't have to be a hand-out.  Let us help you create a giving blue print for financial support and future funding considerations. 

General Consulting

With decades of experience in both the business and public service worlds, we've been around the block.  We can lend an ear where you need it, and provide the right words, action plans, and advice.  We have helped everyday businesses target new audiences, encouraged the guy next door to run for office, and strategized a successful charity campaign for a local non-profit.  Consider us the handy-men of our trade. 

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